Welcome to Network Russia


Unfortunately our site got hacked and it is taking some time to re-build what we had here before. 

The news from Russia is not good.  All the efforts of the last 30 years have been washed away.  Scouting is no more.

New restrictions place on youth organisations in Russia and their ability to accept foreign aid have met that Scouting has effectively closed mostly because of the political and military links the state is insisting should be present.

During this period of turmoil a much diminished Russian Scouting turned to the UK for support.  The sort of support it gave in the 90s.  The answer from the UK Scout Association was to close down Network Russia and soon after WOSM withdrew Russia from the World Organisation.

Although there are still relics of Russian Scouting still active and some operating under other names Scouting in Russia is dead.  Mike Stanley and others are trying here to keep support going but it is hard.

More news later.